BBSI Workshop

BBSI Workshop

by | Sep 27, 2021

Creating and maintaining respect and a positive culture is crucial in the workplace.  We often hear about businesses not being able to hire the employees they need.  The next part of staffing is to keep great employees, once we do hire them.  Does a respectful culture play a role in retention?  Is it important that employees make each other feel included and part of the team?  Absolutely!

This lunch and learn will focus on creating a culture of mutual respect.  We will learn how to build an environment of respect where people understand acceptable interaction because they experience it, not because they read and signed the policy.  This workshop will discuss how to model respect through language, actions, and daily interactions.   Every time a person is treated dismissively, is made to feel invisible, is made to feel an object, is not allowed to have a voice, is not paid equally [or] or given opportunities equally, [then] the workplace loses, and every employee loses – and a foundation is laid that is ripe for sexual harassment, discrimination, and worse, for disrespect and disengagement.

Please join us for our next BBSI Lunch and Learn on Thursday, October 28th  from 12 pm to 1 pm, held at Athena Beans and Bistro located at 111 W. 9000 S. in Sandy, Utah.    You are welcome to invite anyone on your team that would benefit from this workshop.

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